Monday 20th August 2018

So today I had my scan. Unfortunately the lining of my womb is only 4.6mm and they like it to be around 8 or at least just over 6 before you start pessaries and get a transfer date. I was so deflated when they told me this, feeling a bit like oh great my body's... Continue Reading →


Behind the Scenes…

When people ask about how the IVF is going you usually give a vague outline of how it is going you don't usually go into in depth detail about all the nitty gritty stuff do you ? So I thought a little blog post on a couple things would be a good idea!  Injections As I... Continue Reading →

One of those days …

  Day 7 of Progynova. And boy am I feeling it. I feel awful my whole body is aching, my head is pounding, I am so tired and dizzy so basically I feel like shit 🤦🏼‍♀️! No one ever said IVF was easy and let me tell you its definitely not (even worse when you... Continue Reading →

Trying something new

So I have begun my blog sharing and some new posts through instagram! I have spoken to a couple girls who do their blogs this way and it appears you can reach a wider audience & my aim to help just one person could he made so much easier using both facebook group & instagram... Continue Reading →

Identifying with others …

I really do find reading other peoples stories uplifting and inspiring. Hearing from others what they have went through or going through and how their journey went it really does help. Reading how other people cope or things they felt helped them bits and pieces of advice or even just reading a rant and thinking... Continue Reading →

Phase Two …

Finally!!!! Aunt Flo* decided to show her face so we can move onto the next step of our treatment! So of course I got my injection on the 16th of July meaning I should of started a bleed 7-10 days later well did it not take 19 days to finally appear!! (just my luck obvss)... Continue Reading →

Woman prasing other woman…

  Wow, since my last blog post I have had quite a few emails and private mails from woman some who have only just recently started following my private facebook group where I share my blog, and some who have came accross it through the blog site I use. It is just amazing what a... Continue Reading →

Excitement or Nerves?

Monday 16th July 2018Initial Appointment to begin process for first frozen transfer. And I have no idea if I am excited, nervous, scared or somewhere in between. We have never done a frozen transfer before because our first round failed with unfortunately 0 embryos able to be frozen however this time we have managed to... Continue Reading →

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