A letter to you …

This is a letter to thank you and to praise you. A letter to remind you of my how my love for you grows each and every day. A letter to apologise and a letter to send my love.

My Little Chicken, 

Everyday I tell you how much I love you, how much you mean to me and how happy you make me and I mean every single word of it. But I don’t think you realise the full extent of what I mean when I say those words. You truly are the most amazing wonderful caring person who lifts me up in ways that you don’t even realise. You make me whole and you make my life complete. Everyday we face a struggle and everyday we come out the other side. I genuinely have no idea at-all sometimes how we are still standing here to tell our story together.

People ask where I get my strength from sometimes and I know the answer is you. Its you who makes me want to fight harder, who makes me want to have the happiest life possible and what I want to achieve. After everything we have been through together I truly believe that it has made us stronger than ever before. You watch me struggle with pain and my emotions everyday and I can see it hurts you just as much to watch me suffer knowing there is nothing you can possibly do but I want you to know that you are already doing more than you think by just being you, you help me in ways you don’t even know and I don’t just mean when your cooking my dinner because I am in so much pain that it makes me physically sick to stand for long periods of time, I don’t mean because you run me a hot bubbly bath to come home to after a 12 hour shift after forcing myself to sit in pain to the point of tears sometimes, I don’t mean because your up and down filling up my hot water bottle and rubbing my back, I don’t mean because you will sit and just hold me for hours when I am breaking my heart out and getting myself into a right state. What I do mean is because you love me for me, for all my flaws and insecurities. You accept me and support me and you lift me up when I can’t do it myself. You know me inside out , you can even read my feelings just looking at my face which is pretty impressive lol.

I love your charm and kindness and that you have the biggest heart ( I also really love how blue your eyes are, just had to add this in here), but my biggest admiration is how you always tell me is its not my problem and its not me that is going through it is OUR problem and WE are going through it.

If I know anything in life it is that you are the most loving person I have ever met who is going to be the most amazing father to our children, they aren’t even here yet and already they are beyond lucky because they have you. I cant thank you enough for what you do for me and how much you have changed my life for the better and I can only hope that I make your life as full as you make mine. It hasn’t been the easiest ride and we certainly have a couple more speed bumps to come our way but as long as we have each other we have everything.

I can’t wait for forever and to see where our future leads.

Love you Forever and Always.

J x


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