Monday 20th August 2018

So today I had my scan. Unfortunately the lining of my womb is only 4.6mm and they like it to be around 8 or at least just over 6 before you start pessaries and get a transfer date. I was so deflated when they told me this, feeling a bit like oh great my body’s failing me again 😫, it wasn’t until I was talking to my partner after and then I realised its not a bad thing and that my body hasn’t failed me. The consultant said they would never waste any of our embryos by putting one back before I was ready because the hope is that we get our baby at the end of all this so if it takes me slightly longer to have the best lining possible then thats just what needs to happen. I do really need to learn to stop putting myself down though as soon as something goes wrong I automatically feel like its my fault and I am a huge problem and end up making myself pretty upset. My partner must feel like he is literally banging his head off a brick wall with the amount of times I need reassured 🤦🏼‍♀️ yet that doesn’t stop him from comforting me each and every time and for that I cannot thank him enough and thats not even just with IVF I have such bad anxiety which effects every day life but he is always there in my corner lifting me up when I am constantly putting me down, which brings me to my next part of this blog.

As you all know I have recently started my Instagram page for sharing my blogs and for people to follow my story (along with still sharing my blog links on a private facebook page still getting into the swing of things and getting it set up) well one of the pages I came across when doing this is actually a shop on Etsy and they had made a post about one of there new items (pic down below ⬇️)

So I couldn’t resist having a look and making a purchase! it is a little card as well so I could write my own words inside which was perfect as sometimes when you write things down you say things better well I do anyways so I gave this to my partner yesterday and he did get a bit emotional 😢 but he loved it!! So if anyone reading this likes sentimental touches or looking for IVF journals and lots more then have a look on Bearface Prints ⬇️

So I go back next Monday same time for another scan after another week on Proxynova (Funtimes 🤮😩) So I will be sure to keep you all updated! Fingers crossed that I get a date for transfer 🤞🏻.

My instagram page is ….


J x


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